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Stockton is a melting pot and much more.

From it's beginnings during the Gold Rush years, Stockton has attracted all types of people with myriad beliefs. Over the years Stockton has had many events that have helped shape more than our little community.

While the headlines in recent years have screamed about greed, crime and being the center of the financial meltdown of the first decade in the 21st century, there have been far many more good things that never made it to the papers beyond our community.

Good stuff happens in Stockton

Stockton has been an All American City twice, 1999 and 2004

We have University of the Pacific. It is the oldest chartered university in California; its date of charter is July 10, 1851

The Asparagus Festival has been here at the end of April for 26 years.

The Stockton Symphony is the third oldest, continuously performing orchestra in California Only the San Francisco Symphony and the Los Angeles Philharmonic are older.

We have the oldest Sikh Gurdwara in both the US and Canada. It was founded in 1912 and the orginal building still stands at the site.


Good Deeds. Done Dirt Cheap!

Some of the the events that shape our community are done with very little in the way of resources. Some have been the result of hundreds and thousands of hours by unpaid people. They may not consider themselves to be volunteers as much as people with a vision of better things.

What can you be?

Where do people you see around you fit in? What are the limits to what they do?

We don't know unless you share with us. We don't have a special knowledge. You know more about your world than we do or ever will. If you share with us the stories and profiles of those special individuals and groups that touch you world, we can let others see what the Real Stockton is.